Meg smiled at him, he had balls - that was for sure. All of his questions amused her and there was nothing she loved more than good human entertainment. 

"Well, darling Vic…I’m telekinetic, I’m invulnerable to some extent, I can fly in my true form, I can teleport and I simply excel in biokenisis." she grinned. "I also have a certain knowledge of spell-casting if you count that." she added. 

"I eat, but I don’t need to. Keeps the figure slim, y’know." she chuckled. "You’re an idiot if you think I’ll tell you what I’m vulnerable to, but there are enough movies and books out there for you to get a clear picture of it so educate yourself, Victor. The different kinds of demons…well there are some, not quite sure how many. The average demon are usually like those two idiots who broke your door in, lower levels - craving power and making stupid decisions to get higher. Demons fight each other because they’re demons, silly. We’re darkness, chaos and pain…do you honestly believe we sit together and drink tea when we have the day off?" she raised an eyebrow before continuing answering. "The true King is Lucifer. Yes, the King can die, I’m hoping Crowley will meet that end soon." she smirked. 

It wasn’t so much that he had balls, it was more that Victor had decided that he was most likely going to die here and today so why not at least find out all there is about a real demon first? He hoped though he could at least make her spare his dog. Genghis had tried to warn him all this time so he deserved to survive this incident. As she explained her powers he took a sharp breath, trying to not look too shocked by them. He had always expected her kind to be powerful even if he had only thought of them as a religious concept so far. But what she told him here and now was a lot more than he could have expected. “You mean…you can read thoughts? My thoughts?” He swallowed thickly, feeling heat flush into his face again. Had she read the part about him thinking she could be a succubi? 

"And you can fly too? Biokinsis? Does that mean you can change form?" He really wanted to ask her about her true form but if she was already exuding this frightening aura now, how much stronger would it be if she was full demon? Had she stolen the body like those two men…demons she had killed? Victor felt pity for the poor woman whose body must have been the victim of Meg’s powers even if he didn’t even know her, just her face. And of course she wouldn’t tell him her weak spots, how silly of him. The question had just popped up in the heat of things though to be fair. "So there’s a hierarchy like with the angels? Angels, Seraphs, Thrones, Cherubim?" So maybe Heaven and Hell weren’t that different after all, just mirror images. Order and Chaos. Ying and Yang. It was the oldest principle in existence. 

"Drinking tea together might solve some problems though," he muttered, guessing such things were lost on her kind though, "and…why is there another king if Lucifer is the true one? Was he killed? seems hard to believe since he was one of God’s highest Angels once if I’m not mistaken? His powers must have been great. And what are your goals now? If…if you must kill me then please leave Genghis out of this at least?"



Viking Sword 

  • Dated: 9th/10th century
  • Measurements: overall length 94.5 cm. Blade length 79.4 cm

Presented in conserved excavated condition with patina characteristic of a river find, the sword has a broad flat blade tapering slightly over its upper third, formed with a short blunt point. The central part of the blade surface is showing distinct pattern-welded horizontal patterns formed in three vertical parallel lines over the greater part of the blade length, both “herringbone” and wavy linear.

The edges and the area immediately below the point are forming a frame forged in a less distinct pattern of vertical irregular wavy lines, fitted with pommel of two-part construction. The lower piece is elliptical with horizontal medial ridge, while the upper part is thinner in section, both sides being vertically segmented by two shallow recessed panels bordered by a series of very narrow ridges and a pair matching narrow flutes. Together they are forming a lobated upper edge, but the crosspiece is a modern reconstruction “aged” to match. 

For a detailed study of swords from German collections dating from the 8th-12th centuries and for their categorisation, see Alfred Geibig, “Beiträge zur morphologischen Entwicklung des Schwertes im Mittelalter”, in Offa-Bücher. Band 71, Neumünster 1991. The pommel on the presented sword is classified by Geibig as Kombinationstyp 3 (see pp. 33-36, fig. 4.)

Source: Copyright © 2014 Hermann Historica




Meg eyed the dog as soon as both it and Victor exited the bedroom, giving Genghis a little wink. “How did I…? Get rid of the bodies? Don’t ask how, just say ‘Thank you for taking out the trash, Meg.’ Easy.” she smiled sweetly. 

Oh, great, here came the bombardment of questions. She raised an eyebrow as she waited for him to get done with them all. “Yes. I’m a demon.” she grinned, turning her eyes black for a few seconds as she looked at Victor. “Those two men were also demons, but fairly poor ones as you could probably tell by how easy it was to get rid of them.” It did annoy her greatly that the minor league went after her just to get in with Crowley’s gang. “It’s a long story, but I’ve got something against the current King of Hell. I don’t want him on the throne so I tried to get rid of him. Still am. Anything more you want to know? You’re pretty inquisitive for someone who just found out that most nightmares are real.” 

So she wasn’t going to tell him what had happened to the bodies. Well that was just fine with him. Some things were best kept secret and this was maybe one of these things. When she admitted to being a demon Victor took a sharp breath, face turning even more pale now after having shown a hue of red previously when he had tried to figure out what sort of being she could be. Now he knew and it didn’t exactly help him to settle his nerves, quite the contrary. Sinking back again he gripped Genghis leash even tighter as Meg continued to explain everything. At her last sentence he had to smile weakly however. “Never heard that wanting to know a lot is lethal but…I guess you’re going more with curiosity killed the cat?”

Sighing he rubbed his forehead, the injury making him still rather woozy and he saw double at times. What was he going to do now? Of course with the bodies gone he could request her once again to leave. But he was doubtful she’d actually do it. Was there a way to get rid of demons or imprison them temporarily? Take away their powers? Her eyes turning all black had only added to his interest though. While religion was not his topic of study, myths and religions of ancient cultures had always fascinated him and so was the Christian belief when it came to these beings- angels, demons and others- that he had not thought to exist. So having a chance to actually talk to a real demon…he was scared yes but he wouldn’t let it slip away. 

"What are your powers? Do demons eat? Are you vulnerable to crosses or holy water? How many kinds of demons are there? Is this your real body or are you borrowing a human’s? Why would demons fight each other? Are there really different kings of hell? Can the king die? Or did Crowley usurp the throne?"